Thankful for Christmas

Oh the busyness and frantic scrambling to get ready for the holiday. Buying gifts, cooking candy and food. Or waking up in the middle of he night to remember that you forgot someone or something that needs to be on your list. Decorating the tree with ornaments that bring back memories of Christmas’s past. Christmas music filling the house. Traditions.

Parties, friends, cocktails, sugary foods, salty foods, snack foods, all things you should not eat. Twinkling lights and the smell of Frazier fir, cedar or pine in your home.

Christmas is almost here!

Christmas Ornaments

Children, wrapping paper, bows, dogs underfoot and in the way. Smiles, laughter, people that you only get to see and enjoy once a year. Friends, family, and Jesus Christ our Savior – the celebration of his birth. Reflecting on loved ones not here and missing their presence…

Slowing down on Christmas Eve, enjoying the candlelight service at St. Paul with precious little children dressed up and excited. It all adds to the splendor and magic of Christmas. A time when the work world stops for a day or two.

Time with family, friends, and loved ones is really what Christmas is about. Relationships are the most important thing we do or build. I love this time of year. Thank you Christ Jesus for allowing us to share and celebrate your birth.

I am thankful. Happy Holidays!