Oh, what to do when it is 98 degrees and 100% humidity while anticipating football, school and cooler temperatures?  Vacations are over and any outside endeavors are almost unbearable for most of us fair weather people!  Why not venture down and take a dip in the Chattahoochee?  While pools and the lakes are not as refreshing as they were earlier in the year, the white water rapids keep the “Hooch” much cooler.

After watching all the paddle monkeys for nine months; we decided to overcome our phobias and finally get in the water!  We rented two kayaks and spent a few hours paddling around the river.  The water was surprisingly enjoyable and the paddling great exercise!  During “low flow”, you can meander around comfortably even when heading back upstream.


Sandy / rocky beaches are a great place to go ashore with your kayak and rest for a spell.  Here you can appreciate the quiet eddies to float in and cool off.  Interestingly enough are the many families, kayakers, and fishermen that enjoy the water and the calmness created at low flow.




Uptown Columbus has several places to rent water toys. Whitewater Express and Outside World Outfitters welcome you to rent kayaks, paddle boards or inner tubes to enjoy the river.  Lessons are available as well.  We even spotted Kayak Columbus, which will shuttle your kayak to the river and store it after.  How easy is that?


It is a pretty view looking up from the banks of the Chattahoochee River and certainly worth a try!


If you are interested to find out more about the Chattahoochee River flow schedule; below is a link which connects to Georgia Power’s website and shows when the water releases are scheduled.  After clicking on it, you will need to select the Morgan Falls pull down and use North Highlands to be accurate.  There is a delay of course from the time of the release until it the water arrives in the downtown area.

Georgia Power Water Release Information