What to do when your house goes under contract and you have nowhere to go? We feel your pain…


After our condo at Eagle & Phenix went under contract, we knew that we needed to move but we did not have a place to go. So we traveled down the road that all sellers must consider. If you need to sell your home to buy another one, you have to be prepared for a 30 – 40 day time period to close.  In our area it is customary to be moved out by time of closing. What do you do with such a short time frame to work with??

Your options include:

  • buying a home
  • renting an apartment
  • a corporate rental
  • leasing a house for a year
  • moving in with someone you know for a period of time (Yikes)

Sometimes fate works in your favor and there is a property on the market that you love and you can move from one to the other. if you run into a time gap or back to back closings, you may need to store your furniture overnight on the truck.  Most movers will allow this for a fee of around $150.

Your rental options in our area include many choices in apartments. We have some nice ones that offer 3,6, or 9 month rentals. The rent is roughly $100 more per month than a yearly lease. A corporate rental is a furnished unit that you may rent month to month. The rent is more as one would expect.  There are not as many of these available. With houses in our area a 1 year lease is standard. It is difficult and unlikely to find a owner that will lease for less than a year! I repeat – extremely hard and unlikely! Our rental market is tight on the nicer properties. If you find one – rent it fast!

Moving Options – Hire a local mover to move your things and pack yourself. Average fees are $115 per hour. Having them pack you is considerably more but I am sure it is wonderful! Pods – I think pods are neat.  You can leave them outside, load them at will and have them picked up then moved to storage or your new home. I understand that it is hard to find movers who will load your furniture in a pod but there are a few in town.

Moving is stressful and I don’t know anyone who loves the process. But as the saying goes, “this too shall pass!”