My morning terrain has changed somewhat in the last year but it certainly is pretty and still close to water.

I leave Eagle & Phenix early most mornings with my husband, Cham and Millie (14 year old Jack Russell) for “protection” of

course.  Our route varies day to day but one of our favorite directions begins on the sidewalks of Bay.  Millie likes to look for the cats that live near the River Club.  We always  stop to look at the river to see whether it is high or low flow.  The  fishermen are out early, on the banks and in boats as well as the early morning runners.

It is quiet in “Up Town” in the mornings.  Buildings start to illuminate with the early morning workers.  A few cars pass by but mostly it is just the birds and occasional cars that we hear.

At some point  during this walk we pass the Zip Line and wander up to the Historic District and take in the charming homes, parks and gardens. We love the sidewalks of Front and Broadway with clapboard homes and charming porches.  Blooming flower beds and ferns on the porches adorn the homes here making them very inviting.

Then on to business district of Broadway where the coffee shops are opening and CSU students are milling about, walking dogs or on their way to class or breakfast?  We see many familiar faces each morning and love the friendliness as we great one another.

Back to the corner of 11th & Bay and through the short cut between the Synovus building and garage.

And there it is – home sweet home!  Many days I am still amazed that we live in a mill!  The W.C. Bradley Co. has done a wonderful job restoring and converting this building which was built Circa 1850.

An Open house is planned for May 30th and I will be there to help the great W.C. Bradley agents, Leah & Kathleen.  We are expecting a crowd so if you are interested in more information, you can visit the Facebook page Eagle and Phenix Open House or call me and I would be glad to answer any questions you might have about this Uptown Columbus Georgia development.

Sunrise at Eagle and Phenix