My husband, Cham and I were invited to go see a Ranger jump down at Fryar Field. For those who live in Ft. Mitchell this is a common occurrence but  most area residents don’t know anything about it.

It is really awesome to see all the parachutes opening as they jump out of the C-17 Globemaster aircraft. While almost magical for us to watch the parachutes float to the earth; the process of jumping out of an airplane at almost 150 mph is work and serious business for the Rangers. It was a balmy 97 degrees out and they jumped with all of their combat equipment!   After landing they have to pack up the parachutes, put all the gear on their backs and run to the covered area where they load on buses to return to base for the rest of their day at work – WOW!  Our friend was the Airborne Commander this day and we were proud to see him get to the ground safely.

Ft. Benning is a integral and important part of the Columbus, GA / Phenix City and surrounding areas. While we may hear the booms and blasts that the military makes while training we don’t often get to see what they are doing for our country.

We are lucky to have Ft. Benning in our midst and I am very thankful for each enlisted man or woman and their service to our country!

Fryar Field Ranger Jump Video