Dru 2 Pics from Uptown River View North

River View North

I have lived in many areas of Muscogee and Harris Counties including Midtown (before it was Midtown), Overlook, Hamilton (on a horse farm), Brookstone twice, Midland (tiny horse farm), Piedmont Lake and now Uptown.  I enjoyed all the many places that I lived during different times and seasons of my life.  But I am still stunned that I am living in a mill on the Chattahoochee River.

I remember my grandfather’s stories of people drowning in the river by getting caught in the “cesspools.”  I drove across the Dillingham Street Bridge for several years every day to work and back, hardly noticing the river.  I ate lunch downtown and bought my earrings from “Sister Wigs”.  But you only went to downtown as called then, during the day, never after dark.

Today, Uptown is a vibrant, happening night spot as well as a fun place to visit during the day.  My husband and I are constantly amazed at all the energy we feel and people that we see while strolling on the streets of UpTown.  All ages, races, and backgrounds pass by as well as the many dogs that accompany them!

Dru 2 Pics from Uptown - East

Did I mention food?  Uptown offers so many wonderful dining opportunities.   A few choices include BBQ, sushi, pizza, Mexican, Italian, or even a burger. Fine or casual dining, close to the river or on a roof?  Most palettes can be satisfied within a few blocks!  Living so close to all these wonderful restaurants makes it hard to have the desire to cook as it is so easy to stroll down the street for a meal.  My plan is to try them all.


I have a new appreciation for the Columbus Symphony, the CSU Chorale, the First Friday Art Walk, Market Days and I am looking forward to the upcoming Spring Concerts.  We enjoyed the last few Fall concerts, watched a parade and countless group runs, zipped across the river and Kathleen Madigan was hilarious.  All of this and we have only lived here four months.

Whether you are old or young, active or not, Uptown has something for you!  If you don’t believe me, check out the Uptown YouTube below!