We moved to Uptown in the Eagle and Phenix Condos loved the ease of life and the “neighborhood” feel. Did I say we love living in Uptown Columbus?!

There are so many advantages to condo living especially when it is one within Eagle and Phenix. For instance, residing in one building enables you to truly engage with your neighbors. You actually speak when you get on the elevator with others or pass them daily while walking your dog. We also get together frequently. Sometimes for our “monthEagle and Phenix Columbus Galy group socials” we might visit one of the excellent local Uptown restaurants or occasionally have a potluck dinner. There is always someone around to walk, bike, dine or to enjoy a cup of coffee with. Because of this new addition to our social life we now find ourselves part of a very active group with ages ranging from 3 weeks to 80 years.

The transition to Eagle and Phenix from living in the country was daunting, and we were unsure if we were going to like living in an urban environment. Having always lived in traditional homes before, we had traditional furniture and did not know how it would look in an industrial setting. This building (Circa 1860) has variations of unit styles, sizes and views so almost any mix can work. Our home is a good example of this as you can see below where we were honored to be featured in Southern Views. What a wonderful job Southern Views did making our “old stuff “look good! Below is a link to the article which shows their great work.

I have listed and sold several condos at Eagle and Phenix. If you would like to know more about either of these homes, the urban lifestyle or any other area of Columbus / Harris County, call me.  I would be happy to show you around!